House Flat Roof Design

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Different Types of Flat Roof Material Options,

House Flat Roof Design – Flat roof is really a flat roof with a slope of significantly less than 10 ° C. This type of roof is normally made of concrete, but due to its practical structure, it’s often employed for roofs with polycarbonate material. This type of roof is widely found in temperate subtropical soils with little rainfall. You will find various kinds of flat roof grating structures, including the usage of conventional reinforced concrete, front concrete (aerated) with aerated lightweight concrete or composite concrete (mixed with other materials such as steel wire reinforcement or styrene).


  • Most of it’s more practical due to its smooth shape, and so the frame is not as complicated.
  • Can be used for various roofing needs as the slope is not too steep therefore it is flexible to be placed anywhere.
  • Maybe there’s a remedy to grow a house. Narrow spaces with a lot of space make flat roofs an opportunity to develop new activities on the roof of a house. Noteworthy will be the structures which are shown for future loads.


  • Struggling to drain the water causing patches that allow leakage.

Solution: When designing a threshold, you must make a roof slope of at least 2o to allow water to flow straight to the sink. Drains must be provided at the edge of the roof to prevent stagnation from rainwater and concrete damage.

  • Concrete is a product with poor heat absorption, which causes the temperature in the low chamber to become hotter.

Solution: To minimize the warmth generated by the concrete ceiling, it is recommended to provide 30-50 cm air gap between the ceiling and ceiling so the heat generated doesn’t flow into the room.